As an overlapping group with various interests and concerns, we see ourselves as a Venn diagram united by a shared sense of the world we want to live in.

We are a small group of volunteers, called to action with the express goal of fostering self-motivation within our community. We are here to support you as you take action in small and large steps, and begin to work on projects. We realize that people will have different strengths that they can offer with varying time, experience, passion, and interest. We aim to meet each of you at the level that is comfortable for you, and encourage you to become as involved as you are inspired to be.

We also recognize that there are hours in our day that could be better spent; if we can spend 2 hours a day online, surely we can each spend 2 hours a week making the world a better place. Long term, we hope to change the way we relate to the world of politics and policy. We believe that the world has changed, and it's time that we the people become our own lobbyists to create the change that we want instead of waiting for someone else to do it. It is clear that we cannot expect change from the top down; we must now build it from the bottom up.

• We are sending out daily emails with concrete actions to take.
• We are hosting community meetings in NYC.
• We are programming educational seminars and events to empower us to be better-informed citizens and activists with longterm stamina.
• We are supporting our members in their independent topical action groups and direct actions.
• We've been meeting with lobbyists, politicians, community organizers, non-profit leaders and seasoned activists to learn how we can best be of service, and have our voices be heard.
We encourage you to reach out and share your dreams for a better future in the form of simple or long-term actions we can take, and join us in organizing.

Thank you for your activism.

2 Hours A Week is a participant in and strategic partner of the Action Alliance, a federation of more than sixty #resistance organizations located throughout the nation, each with its own methods and approach. Other members are listed here, where you'll find many more opportunities to make a difference.