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ACA Repeal: Transfer of Wealth to the Wealthy

Let's be clear: Repeal-and-replace is a giant transfer of wealth from the lowest-income Americans to the highest-income Americans. No surprise then who is pushing for the repeal: those at the top of the economic ladder.

There were two tax increases levied on the wealthiest of Americans to help pay for the ACA. Trumpcare would reverse those, meaning that:

People making $200,000 - $999,999 a year will get a sizable tax cut.
60% of the money saved will go to those making $1 million a year or more.

The tax repeal would solely benefit wealthy Americans because the taxes were imposed only on the wealthiest.

The House Budget Committee votes on the bill this Thursday March 16th. Only FOUR Republican "NO" votes are needed to stop this bill in committee. Let's call those Republicans who are on the fence.

What you can do
  1. Sign up for a one-hour shift at a rally at your member of Congress' office this Thursday and Friday through MoveOn.org.

  2. CALL the Republican members of the House Budget Committee and let them know you are against the ACA repeal bill. Those highlighted have voiced concern and/or opposition; call them first if you only have a few minutes.
    Diane Black, (TN-06), Chair (202) 225-4231

Todd Rokita, (IN-04), Vice-Chair (202) 225-5037

Mario Diaz-Balart, (FL-25) (202) 225-4211

Tom Cole, (OK-04) (202) 225-6165

Tom McClintock, (CA-04) (202) 225-2511

Rob Woodall, (GA-07) (202) 225-4272

Mark Sanford, (SC-01) (202) 225-3176

Steve Womack, (AR-03) (202) 225-4301

Dave Brat *, (VA-07) (202) 225-4301

Glenn Grothman, (WI-06) (202) 225-2476

Gary Palmer, (AL-06) (202) 225-4921

Bruce Westerman, (AR-04) (202) 225-3772

Jim Renacci, (OH-16) (202) 225-3876

Bill Johnson, (OH-06) (202) 225-5705

Jason Smith, (MO-08) (202) 225-4404

Jason Lewis, (MN-02) (202) 225-2271

Jack Bergman, (MI-01) (202) 225-4735

John Faso, (NY-19) (202) 225-5614

Lloyd Smucker, (PA-16) (202) 225-2411

Matt Gaetz, (FL-01) (202) 225-4136

Jodey Arrington, (TX-19) (202) 225-4005

Drew Ferguson, (GA-03) (202) 225-5901

  1. WATCH the livestream of the Committee Markup (hearing) on the ACA starting on Thursday, March 16th at 10 AM EST.

  2. TRACK the process of ACA repeal and replace.
    USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

I am calling to ask Rep ____ to vote against the ACA repeal bill this Thursday in the House Budget Committee vote. I am alarmed at what it will take away from average Americans like myself, in terms of healthcare, and what it will give to wealthy Americans in terms of tax cuts. I have done my homework and read the non-partisan reports issued by both the CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation. The repeal will take away health coverage from millions and will be especially detrimental to the elderly, and the poorest of Americans. We will take into account how you vote on this, come re-election time.