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ACTION 159: A World of Conflicts

Today, we are borrowing from the Center for American Progress' (CAP) great analysis and interactive map of Trump's many conflicts of interest around the world.

"Although the president has refused to release his tax returns or provide other measures of basic transparency, there is lengthy documentation that suggests that Trump is using the presidency to maximize his profits, and that foreign leaders are giving Trump's businesses special treatment as a means to gain favor at the White House.

There are already abundant examples where Trump has made curious changes in U.S. policy that seem to have favorably benefited his bottom line and where foreign leaders have tried to pump quick money into companies controlled by Trump and his family.

When it comes to foreign relations, every American has the right to know if the president is putting his self-enrichment ahead of our national security and our national interest." - CAP

First of all, Trump has not created a blind trust for his business, but rather one from which he can pull funds at any time. His separation from his businesses is completely arbitrary in that it is based solely on him "not discussing it" with his sons, whom he put in charge.

Again from CAP:
"Some people wonder: If Trump is already rich, what does it matter that he keeps doing business as president? Consider this: What if Donald Trump were willing to accept a trade deal with China that cost American jobs just because the Chinese government was willing to speed up the permit process for Trump properties in Beijing? What if Trump were willing to push aside concerns about human rights or terrorism just because a foreign leader could influence his investment portfolio? What if a key adviser to the president wanted to delay a military offensive against the Islamic State because he was being paid by a foreign government? These are not abstract concerns."

What you can do

1. VIEW the interactive world map of Trump's conflict of interests.

2. READ CAP's accompanying series detailing Trump's business and family's conflicts of interest in 25 countries.

3. READ up on the 3 emoluments lawsuits currently filed against Trump.