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ACTION 160: Support Russia Sanctions!

This last Thursday, the Senate voted almost unanimously to impose sanctions on Russia for both its likely interference in our elections and its role in the Syrian civil war. The deal also prevents the president from relaxing the sanctions via executive order.

This sign of growing bipartisan support for restricting DJT's relationship is a good thing. We want a unified front in determining whether collusion undermined our electoral process.

It is crucial that the House of Representatives now pass this legislation with a 2/3 majority. This would make it significantly more difficult for DJT to veto the bill.

What you can do

1. CALL your Representative and tell him or her that you support legislation that restricts the current administration's ability to modify current sanctions on Russia. Ask the office to release a statement to the same effect. Tell them that you believe in the American democratic process and that we need to restore confidence in that.