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Action 167: Make It Personal

While the Senate vote on repealing the ACA has been delayed - hurrah! - we haven't won yet. They will be revisiting this bill after the break, and they will by then, have spent tremendous energy putting pressure on those moderate Republican senators who took a stance against the bill.

How can we continue the pressure in the meantime? By telling our personal stories of how the ACA has affected our lives via social media. Post to instagram and tweet at your senators - see the various hashtags and sites that have been set up to show our politicians the personal impact of their policy decisions on healthcare.

What you can do
  1. TWEET and RETWEET about how the ACA has impacted your life using the Women's March tag #HowTheACASavedMyLife
    Make sure to tweet at your senators!

  2. SUBMIT your healthcare story to sites and organizations advocating for the ACA like FamiliesUSAand CAP's Our Lives Our Stories