2 Hours A Week


Attend Our Sunday January 15 NYC Meeting & Host (Or Attend) A Meeting In Your Town

Below is information on our NYC meeting and hosting or attending a meeting in your town. We're sorry for the short notice on the local meetings, we've meant to send this earlier but there hasn't been a slow news day since the New Year!

What you can do

Come meet us and speak up! Find out how you can get more involved, and how we can help you with your projects. We've got a lot of plans for action in the new year, but first, we want to regroup with you, our community, to hear your progress, concerns, and ideas for action. Guest speakers from other activist groups will also be speaking about their projects, organizations and history of action, then we will break into working groups to discuss long term efforts.

1. RSVP to help us get a headcount.

2. SIGN UP TO SHARE. If you’d like to speak about an idea, action item, concern, or action group you're involved in, include it in the RSVP form (above) and we’ll be sure to make time for you to speak. Everyone's welcome!

Sunday, January 15, 5-8pm
311 East Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10002

We've gotten many responses from people outside of NYC interested in attending meetings - we'd love for YOU to spearhead one in your town! We'll share information on our meeting structure and answer any other questions you have.

Even with the short notice, feel free to host an impromptu small gathering with friends over brunch or dinner to get the ball rolling. If you can't host or attend a meeting this week please still sign up and we'll put you in touch with other interested people in your area for the future.

1. RSVP here and include your zip code - whether you want to host or simply attend

2. REPLY to this email with your contact information and your offer to host a small meeting on the 15th (or soon after)

3. INVITE FRIENDS in your town to sign up to our mailing list and RSVP (above) to join you for a first meeting

4. CHOOSE A LOCATION for a small meeting - we've been hosting them in living rooms of our members. We won't share your location publicly, instead we'll put people in direct touch with you once they RSVP

If you read the Indivisible Guide, you know that engaging locally is going to be our strongest form of attack. The first step in this is building and engaging your community network.