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Being Progressive In Being United

We know that some of you are disappointed with the outcome of the election of DNC chair. Though we were momentarily disappointed, we realized that, hey, Tom Perez is a progressive, the first Latino chair of the DNC, with an extensive background in civil rights justice and labor rights and he appointed Keith Ellison to Deputy Chair. That doesn't sound like a defeat to us.

If, what we truly care about, are the principles that will shape the future of the democratic party, then both candidates laid out very similar visions for the DNC. Both called for a more decentralized organization that placed greater emphasis on the particular political climates and needs of each state, better candidate recruitment, and appealing to voters of all demographics to speak past the party’s traditional base.

Please don't let Trump sow the seeds of divisiveness into the left, by calling the election "rigged." The other night Perez tweeted back to Trump that he shouldn't be "too happy" with his nomination and to prepare for him becoming his worst nightmare and as of last week, he has already called for an investigation into Russia's election interference.

"Tom Perez said on stage that anyone who casts off and minimizes the support that Rep. Keith Ellison has along with the Bernie Sanders supporters does so at their own peril.

He is on the right team. Regardless of who won, they see the power in uniting the more progressive side of the party. And they would have appointed one another. This was strategic. And they already have a plan of action for the mid term elections.

We have to keep tracking, hold both accountable, and keep moving forward in the good fight."

What you can do

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