2 Hours A Week


Buy Nothing Day

Happy Buy Nothing Day! Money often speaks louder than words. We all need to examine what we are buying, where it came from, who made it, and how the proceeds are being used. If you can, abstain from buying anything today. And every day, follow the guidelines below.

What you can do

1. BUY LOCAL. The money you spend in your community stays in the community. How amazing is it to look around you and be able to say, "my neighbor made that"?

2. BUY ETHICALLY. Pro tip, if it's too cheap to be true, it usually is. Quality items cost more, but they last longer. If you buy only what you truly need and love, you can spend more on it.

3. USE THESE RESOURCES to find companies worthy of your support. HRC buyer's guide highlights companies that support LGBT workplace equality. Buycott lets you choose how to shop based on your own concerns by scanning barcodes and following the money.

4. BOYCOTT. Visit #GrabYourWallet for updated information on companies to boycott. (Boycotts work best when companies know they're losing money because of their actions. Call or write and tell them they've lost a customer. Personalize it if you love shopping there.)

5. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is donations to the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Black Lives Matters, Planned Parenthood, Emily's List, NARAL, ProPublica, Everytown for Gun Safety, Sierra Club, NRDC, Brennan Center for Justice, Council on American-Islamic Relations, National Immigration Law Service, Earth Justice. Support the Sacred Stone Camp by sending them exactly what they need. Find the organizations fighting for what you are passionate about and set up recurring donations. (Recurring donations typically make the most impact because the organization can count you as a member for their political lobbying - so give to 4 organizations at $5/mo each ($20/month). That's the cost of one fancy cocktail, but adds up to $240 a year for causes you care about. If you can't do that much, choose 2 organizations that speak to you. If you can do more, do!)

6. DIVEST: Is your bank supporting the DAPL? Bank local or join a credit union instead.

7. Don't forget to SHOP SECOND HAND!