2 Hours A Week


Call to Oppose Jeff Sessions Today

Welcome to the first week of cabinet confirmation hearings. The first of which takes place January 10th-11th for Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. We can be really effective the next few days if you can call on the days you receive these emails. If you missed our last email, and want to review the reasons why we oppose and read details on the call, see Action 40.

What you can do

1. CALL the Senate Judiciary Committee: 202-224-5225
and call the individual senators that comprise the committee.

Here is the breakdown of 5 to call - if one of these senators id from your state, start there!
Chuck Grassley - Republican Senator of Iowa, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee
202-224-3744 / 515-288-1145
Lindsey Graham - Republican Senator of South Carolina
202-224-5972 / 803-933-0112
Patrick Leahy - Democratic Senator of Vermont, Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee
202-224-4242 / 802-863-2525
Dianne Feinstein - Democratic Senator of California
202-224-3841 / 415-393-0707 / 310-914-7300
Chuck Schumer - Democratic Senator of New York
202-224-6542 / 212-486-4430 / 518-431-4070

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)
Hello, I am calling to express my opposition to the appointment of Jeff Sessions for attorney general. I believe his record of intolerance, and racially motivated litigation to be unAmerican and unacceptable for the role of top law enforcement official in our country. In addition, his omission of decades of records shows his utter disrespect for the process of his confirmation. He must play by the same rules as all past nominations and be subjected to a full review of his record.

If calling a Democratic senator, add:
Please fight against this nomination and make sure that Jeff Sessions entire record is fully reviewed in the hearing. This is no time to be conciliatory. Your constituents are counting on you to serve them well and not confirm a man whose policies will directly harm them and their families.

The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) has expressed real concern over the schedule that Republicans are pursuing for confirming Trump's cabinet appointees. Republicans are trying to ram through these confirmations as fast as possible before the OGE can fully vet the nominees and make sure they will remove themselves from conflicts of interest. Let these senators know now that we will hold them accountable for going easy on Sessions, and for endorsing a nominee who has a clear history of racism. We, voters, will remember which senators voted for Sessions when the time comes for their re-election.