2 Hours A Week


Catch Up on Past Actions

Dear friends,
We know there has been a lot this last 2 weeks. We're making today housecleaning day: if you haven't been able to perform some of the actions we've sent out so far, now is a great day to look back on the emails and do that. You can just do a search in your inbox for "two hours a week" and our actions will pop right up! If your new and need us to forward any of them to you just let us know which by #. We've listed them by subject below. You'll see us start to move towards a more medium-term strategy in this week's emails--see you in a bit!
Two Hours a Week

What you can do

Action 1: Stop Steve Bannon's appointment
Action 2: Donate & make some calls for Louisiana Senate candidate Foster Campbell
Action 3: Support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair
Action 4: Tell the House Oversight Committee to look into Trump's finances
Action 5: Tell those in charge to stop the aggressive tactics against Standing Rock protesters
Action 6: Tell Paul Ryan not to dismantle Obamacare
Action 7: Have a conversation with your loved ones about the election
Action 8: Give thanks! We're so lucky to be in a place to take action
Action 9: Buy nothing! Guidelines for boycotting, spending and donating wisely
Action 10: A little weekend Action for Standing Rock for those in NYC