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Establish a National Hate Crime Hotline

Since the election, there has been an explosion in hate crimes. The FBI has called on citizens to report them, but we currently do not have a simple way of doing that. A House bill has been introduced to create a National Hate Crime Hotline, similar to the New York state hotline that was just created. This is a no brainer and should be a bipartisan bill, but it isn't likely to get passed without some serious pressure. Congress goes into recess on December 19th so we need to let them know now that we want this bill!

ps...Congrats to everyone participating in our democracy, activism works!

What you can do

1. SIGN & SHARE this petition we created calling for the Hotline. Please make sure to confirm your signature in their followup email. And share widely!

2. CONTACT the following heads of the House Judiciary Committee, the White House and your representative, and ask them to expedite this urgent bill to a vote.

The House Judiciary Committee (202) 225-3951
Bob Goodlatte (VA R, chairman) (202) 225-5431 / (540) 432-2391
John Conyers Jr. (MI D, ranking member) (202) 225-5126 / (313) 961-5670
The White House (202) 456-1111
Please also contact any Judiciary Committee members from your state (click on their name to find their phone number)
And of course your own congressperson

2138 Rayburn House Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20515

USE THIS SCRIPT (make it your own & be polite!)
I am calling to ask Representative __ to support and expedite bill H.R.6332, calling for the creation of a national hate crime hotline. The FBI has asked us to report these crimes and we want a simple and direct way of being able to report incidents of hate in our country. It is vital that this happens before President Obama leaves office.