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FBI Director Who?

Have you been reading the news? Trump is not a president we can entrust with sensitive intelligence let alone with the appointment of a new FBI director. It's been reported that AG Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein have interviewed 8 candidates, with no further interviews scheduled.

Trump has been urged to not make a political appointment of the FBI director. Past candidates historically have had the unanimous support of both parties, with only one dissenting vote ever. This is because the director of the FBI is not a political post, and should be someone who does not have a partisan background. Not to mention someone who will continue to carry out the Russia investigation to it's fullest.

Keep a close watch on Thursday, when Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is set to brief the Senate on the details of former FBI Director Comey's firing. Though this briefing is classified, the Trump administration loves a good media distraction, and we may just get one on Thursday with an FBI appointment.

What you can do

1. READ up on the 7 FBI director candidates (Cornyn has since dropped out) .
Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe
Former Justice Department official Alice Fisher
Former U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, Michael Garcia
Fran Townsend, who was homeland security adviser to President George W. Bush
U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson
Adam Lee, the FBI special agent in charge of the Richmond, Virginia, office
Mike Rogers, a former FBI special agent and Republican congressman from Michigan who was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

2. CALL your Senator
Dial the switchboard (202) 224-3121
Or try the new app CallThem to reach Senators via phone/email/twitter.

Let them know you do not support a politician or someone with a partisan background as FBI Director! The new FBI Director must not be under the thumb of the White House and must carry out the Russia investigation to it's fullest.