2 Hours A Week



What's the rush for repealing the ACA? To deliver on a highly partisan grudge and dismantle a crucial legacy from a Democratic administration.

It took Democrats an entire year to create the policy that onboarded an entire country to healthcare. Republicans had 6 years to propose an alternative, and they did nothing until they could set in motion a high-profile train wreck. They simply want to pull the plug and deal with the consequences later. Or not deal.

If you're not one of the 30 million moderate income individuals that would lose health insurance with a repeal, you're probably one of the 150 million who get health insurance through their job. You will be affected too. The Senate has already voted 51 to 48 to end coverage for preexisting conditions, remove discrimination protection for women in healthcare; voted against the provision allowing children to remain on their parent's insurance till the age of 26, and against ACA contraceptive coverage and maternity care provision, among other things.

We need to make noise now. Some Republican senators have broken with the fast-tracking of a repeal, expressing doubt in this approach without an alternative ready. Let's call them and tell them we need them to stick to their guns.

What you can do

1. CALL SENATORS who are open to the idea of slowing the repeal (7 min):
Senator Bob Corker (R-TN): (202) 224-3344
Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK): (202) 224-6665
Senator Rob Portman (R-OH): (202) 224-3353
Senator Susan Collins (R-ME): (202) 224-2523
Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA): (202) 224-5824
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY): (202) 224-4343

2. CALL YOUR SENATOR if they're on this list (10 min):
Representative Mark Amodei (R-NV): (202) 225-6155
Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC): (202) 225-6401
Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA)202-225-6411
Representative Greg Walden (R-OR) (202) 225-6730
Representative Michael Burgess (R-TX) (202) 225-7772

Hi there, I’m calling to express my personal appreciation for [_____]’s efforts to slow repeal of the ACA without an alternative. I am calling to ask the [Senator/Representative] to continue to insist on a viable alternative to the ACA before it is repealed. To me any real alternative must meet and include the following bare minimums:
• Parental policies
• No denial based on pre-existing conditions
• No age discrimination
• Subsidies for those who can’t afford it to get care
• Expansion of Medicare. Shrinking, not growing the donut hole

*Add a personal story of who you are and why this matters to you

Depending on response:
I will be sure to tell many of his/her constituents that [Senator/Representative] cannot be counted on to hold the line and protect the healthcare that millions have come to count on. I AM PART OF A GRASSROOTS GROUP of 2,000 PEOPLE AND I WILL LET THEM KNOW ABOUT MY CONVERSATION WITH YOU.