2 Hours A Week


How Much You're Paying For Trump's Weekends: Part II

Yesterday we told you how many American tax dollars the Trump family is spending shuttling between Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tower NYC, and DC--which is the only place they really should be--308.5 million dollars a year--25 TIMES what the Obamas spent.

Today, we'll tell you how much that expenditure is worth. Ready? Take a deep breath:

• 123,790 Veteran families’ rapid rehousing when they become homeless at a cost of $2,480 per household.
• 322 fulltime credit counselors to provide Veteran’s with financial advice when they fall on hard times at a cost of $35,060 per counselor, per year.
• 2,300 law enforcement jobs created or saved via the Community Oriented Policing Services – COPS – program at a cost of $119 million for 900 jobs protected or created.
• 2 years of funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership to help small and medium sized manufacturing companies stay competitive and create jobs.
• 1 year of funding for the Economic Development Administration to help economically depressed communities negatively impacted by globalization spur entrepreneurship, investment, economic growth and job creation.
• 61% of the annual budget for Legal Aid Societies across the U.S. which provides free legal representation for the poor.
• 64% percent of the annual budget for the Office of Violence Against Women.

Mad yet? Let's make some calls.

What you can do

1. Call your Senators and Representatives and urge them to comment on the President's excessive spending!
You can find contact information for your Representative here.
You find the contact information for your Senator here.

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

Hi I’m ____ with the group 2 Hours a Week. I’m calling Senator/Representative ___ to express my concern about the President’s excessive traveling and lifestyle at the expense of tax payers.

In a month the President has spent what Obama spent on travel and security in a year.

If he continues at this pace, including other security and travel costs for him and his family, it will cost taxpayers upwards of $308.5 million dollars a year!

That is 25 times more than what Obamas spent in a year! It is three times more than Obama spent in eight years!

I urge Senator/Representative __ to call the President out on wasting tax payer money to go play golf and subsidize his family’s business travel!