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It's Time To Show Up In Person

Today we joined CAIR (Council on American-Islamis Relations) for an emergency rally to support our Muslim, immigrant, refugee and undocumented neighbors against attacks from the new administration. It was a beautiful and inspiring event, with 20 NYC government representatives and countless activist organizations pledging to keep NYC a sanctuary city and work with other progressive American cities to protect the immigrants who are the very core and beating heart of this country from prejudice and recrimination. (Specific actions you can take to help are below).

As we're learning, targeted, in-person actions are the way to get our representatives attention, so we invite you to attend a few local events this week in NYC (or find your own in other states).

What you can do

Support our Muslim, immigrant, refugee and undocumented neighbors

1. DONATE to Council on American-Islamic Relations, the ACLU, the NYCLU, Immigrant Defense Project, National Immigration Law Center and Make the Road.

2. STAND UP FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS. If you see someone whose rights are being violated or is the victim of discrimination call the Commission on Human Rights, 718-722-3131 or 311.

3. GET FREE LEGAL ADVICE if you hold a passport from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen by contacting CLEAR at cunyclear@mail.law.cuny.edu or 718-340-4558.



After our visit to Schumer & Gillibrand's office to demand a NO on Trump's cabinet, Gillibrand seems to be listening but Schumer still needs a push.

• Thursday, 1/26, 6:30pm - Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (NY 8th District) State of the District Address. RSVP here

*Find the representative for your district here and see if they are holding a district address or town hall you can attend during the break next week.

• Friday, 1/27, 12pm-1pm - Hand Deliver Your Letters to Senator Schumer's Manhattan office with us and demand that he vote NO on all appointments

• Saturday, 1/28, 12-1:30pm - Get a Spine, Chuck! Protest at Senator Schumer's Brooklyn apartment to demand he stand up to Trump, Pence and Ryan's extremist agenda

• Tuesday, 1/31, 6pm, Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn - Rally at Senator Schumer's Brooklyn apartment with MoveOn's #ResistTrumpTuesdays

For those of you in other states, see Action 55, and please fill out your zip code (click "update your preferences" below) for more targeted emails in the future.