2 Hours A Week



Welcome to the New Future.
It depends on us.

It has been an exceptional two months. We are ready to meet a truly exceptional and uncertain future. It's hard to overstate how overwhelming this time has been. It's by design. Let's stay focused, because it will get harder before it gets easier. We will not be overcome.

The good news is this: People have sprung into action. We all know 700% more about our political process than before the election.

We had an amazing 2HAW meeting last weekend, attended by the executive director of the Common Cause NY. This incredible woman, who has been an activist for four decades, told us that we're on the right track. She also said: be tedious. Choose the one or two issues that you care about. Learn everything you can and find organizations to help amplify your voice. Tell your supermarket cashier how you feel, tell your family, your friends, your Facebook friends. Wash, rinse, repeat. Be tedious, be relentless. We're here for you, and we are so glad you're here for us.

Let's march together this weekend!
Women's March DC
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