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Join the Tax March Tomorrow: One Tax Return from 12 Years Ago is Not Enough

DJT is wrong, yet again (it's almost getting monotonous): Most people, including Republicans, think he should release his taxes. What's he hiding?

This Saturday, April 15, thousands and thousands of people are expected to show up in 140 cities across the country for a Tax March to draw attention to the following:

DJT should release the last decade of his taxes. Why should we pay federal taxes if our president hasn't?
What does the president have to hide? Who has been paying him over the years? The last president to put up so much resistance to releasing his returns was Nixon. Hmmm...
How on earth did we end up in a situation where someone as rich as DJT can evade federal taxes?

2 Hours A Week is very proud to co-sponsor Tax March NYC.

What you can do
  1. (30 seconds) FOLLOW @TaxMarch on Twitter.

  2. (2 minutes) CLICK TO TWEET the phrases below the break.

  3. (1-2 hours) ATTEND A TAX MARCH. Locate the nearest one by scrolling down on this page.
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CLICK TO TWEET: NEWS FLASH @realDonaldTrump: People care about your tax returns! That's why thousands have joined the #TaxMarch. taxmarch.org

CLICK TO TWEET​: Every president since Nixon has released their tax returns. Join the #TaxMarch to demand transparency from @POTUS: taxmarch.org

CLICK TO TWEET​: Russia? Business conflicts? Releasing his tax returns would answer a lot. What’s @POTUS hiding from? taxmarch.org #TaxMarch