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Keep the Internet Open for Business

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission voted to start repealing the 2015 network neutrality rules. The rules ensure that internet users can access the online content and services of their choosing without interference from ISPs like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, and Charter.

What exactly is net neutrality? The Harvard Business Review defines the principles of net neutrality well:

"...a broadband internet provider should not block, slow, or otherwise unfairly discriminate against any websites or online services."

An open internet means a level playing field where the small one-woman shop in Omaha has just as good a shot at drumming up business online as the big box store headquartered in a tax haven. Repealing net neutrality rules isn't a job generator - it's a job killer.

Newly appointed FCC Chair Ajit Pai wants people to believe that internet providers are over-regulated. That consumer protections are hindering the development of business. That we should trust big cable companies not to discriminate against web services without oversight (though they are already doing just that).

Don't fall for Pai's false and misleading narratives and lies. The exact opposite of his assertions are true. Pai is not interested in keeping an open and free internet - he's interested in creating a market open and free of hurdles for the cable lobby. We can't let their unmitigated greed parse the internet into slow and fast lanes.

The FCC has released a proposal to repeal Net Neutrality rules and will be taking public comment for 90 days.

What you can do

1. Go to the FCC site here, select "Express" on the lower left-hand side and leave a comment to let the FCC know that you are opposed to getting rid of net neutrality rules. Let them know that Pai and the FCC should be working in the interest of the public NOT billion dollar cable companies.