2 Hours A Week


Keep the Tax Heat On

More than 100,000 of you came out in 200 marches around the country to demand President Trump's tax returns and a fairer tax system.

The fight is just beginning. 45’s next priority is a tax cut for millionaires, billionaires & corporations -- on the backs of working Americans.

Let's turn our energy into action. We partnered with Tax March NYC to create 4 actions you can take to keep supporting transparency and fairness.

What you can do


1. Us Congress Needs To Examine Donald Trump’s Tax Returns
Call your Congress member using www.cluckyourrep.com or 202-224-3121 and tell them: NO EXCUSES, EXAMINE TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS! No Tax reform until all of the president’s tax returns are public. We must know his conflicts of interest, and how he’ll personally benefit from tax code changes.

2. Your State Must Require Tax Returns To Run For Office
Call your State Senator and tell them: NO ONE GETS ON THE PRIMARY BALLOT WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY so no future president can get away with hiding their conflicts of interest, and no candidate can get on the 2020 ballot without releasing their tax returns. More than half of states have already introduced this bill - has yours?

3. Your City Taxpayers Shouldn’t Pay For Trump Tower
Do you have Trump property in your city? Contact your mayor and demand: GET OUR COPS OUT! Local police are wasting millions in taxpayer-funded overtime Protecting Trump’s property. That’s the job of the Secret Service and Trump’s own security. (In NYC? Tweet @NYCMayorsOffice and call 311).

4. Sign The Tax March Petition And Say That You’ll Continue Standing Up For Transparency And Fairness.