2 Hours A Week


Local Tuesdays: CA, GA, MT, NY, SC, VA & YOU

Help us build these Local Tuesday emails by submitting your local actions weekly by Mon 5pm EST.

What you can do


Turnout means the difference between a win and a loss for Democrat Jon Ossoff.

If you live in the 6th, don't forget to VOTE! Bring your friends, bring your elderly neighbors. If you live nearby consider driving over and helping get out the vote.

If you're already registered to volunteer (or have an event in your town), or have friends there, please spend an hour today phone banking. All hands on deck!


LA activists have successfully pushed for a motion to divest from the DAPL Pipeline. Now they need your help for the critical next step! Pack the LA General Council meeting tomorrow to demand a vote this week! It's time to #DivestLA!

1. ATTEND the City Council Meeting *bring a sign!
Wednesday, April 19, 10am
200 North Spring Street, LA, CA
Meeting at Room 340, John Ferraro Council Chamber

2. CALL city council - find phone numbers here
Hi I’m a CA resident and voter. I’m calling in support of the motion for LA to divest from Wells Fargo Bank. The motion must be on the agenda this week. Thanks.


1. SUPPORT NY VOTING RIGHTS. We're spearheading a collaboration between grassroots and established organizations to work together on NY Voting Rights & Access - and we're looking for creative minds to join us at a hackathon this Sunday, April 23, or volunteer afterward. Sign up here.

2. MEET YOUR STATE REP THIS WEEK, they're home until April 20, visit them in the office or attend a town hall and demand support for single payer health care in NY, the NY Reproductive Health Act, and increasing voting access!

3. PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE RALLY. Did you miss the Tax March or want to keep it up? Join us today, Tax Day, to rally against tax-dodging Goldman Sachs.

Rally: Pay Your Fair Share, Goldman Sachs!
TODAY, Tuesday, April 18, 6pm-8pm
Goldman Sachs Headquarters, 200 West St., NY, NY

Click here to RSVP on Facebook and for more details.

We know Trump and GS pay less tax than regular working people, immigrants, women, and people of color who struggle to make ends meet. Let’s come together and demand that Government Sachs stops looting America!


Because cabinet appointments left this Republican seat open, Democrats have the chance to flip it. These races are closer than previously assumed, and with enough turnout, Dems can begin to take back the House. Read about this "Special Election Nobody Is Following [that] Could Deal A Huge Blow To Trump".

If you're in Montana, send us actions we can share next week!


This special election is skewing Republican so far, but as these elections approach they seem to be surprising everyone by looking like possible flips by the Democrats. So let's keep an eye on this one and see how we can help.

If you're in South Carolina, send us actions we can share next week!


Virginia’s 2017 elections give us our first big opportunity to reshape American politics. This is our chance to support a progressive movement in Virginia—and set the stage for fair, progressive policies across the country.

Join the Flippable #flipVAblue campaign to elect Democrats to Virginia’s House of Delegates. They’ve analyzed the data and prioritized a set of districts to focus on over the next several months. Together, we can flip these districts.


Just like nationally, many states are now in a recess period, meaning your State Senators and Assembly Reps, as well as your Senators and Congressional Reps, are home in your district now and you can visit them in person.

1. FIND A TOWN HALL near you.
2. VISIT YOUR REP in their local office.