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Please Do Not Counter Protest at Planned Parenthood

Many of us are enraged over the continued legislation of our bodies and choices. Rightfully so. You may have heard that there are anti-choice protests planned for Feb 11th as part of the movement to defund Planned Parenthood.

However, if you are planning to organize or attend any counter protests at Planned Parenthood on Feb 11th or anytime thereafter, please reconsider. We have heard directly from Planned Parenthood that they DO NOT WANT ANY COUNTER PROTESTS. They cause more chaos and make it harder for them to do their main job of providing much needed healthcare to the members of our communities.

Counter protests also bring more attention to the anti-choice protests and create more work for PP, who are already working non-stop in the fight to preserve our healthcare rights. They have spent decades in this fight, and they know what works and what doesn't. So let's support Planned Parenthood by changing our counter protests to a helpful action (one that doesn't interfere with access to clinics )! We list some ideas below

What you can do

1. 7 ACTIONS You Can Do to help Planned Parenthood. Suggestions put together by PP include volunteering with them to take action locally. Always coordinate with the clinic before taking any action. They want your support but it's best organized through a dialogue with a PP clinic.

2. BECOME A CLINIC ESCORT volunteer and help walk people in safely! Contact your local Planned Parenthood to sign up. Read about a first-hand experience here.

3. ATTEND A RALLY (not a protest) to stand with Planned Parenthood. Here are the details for one in NYC on Feb. 11th