2 Hours A Week


Read Up in Preparation for 2017

Over this holiday break, and in preparation for 2017, we have some important reading for you to do. First up, is a clear, thoughtful, and tactical “how-to” manual for political engagement put together by former Democratic congressional staffers who provide an insider’s guide for effective activism.

What you can do

1. READ the Indivisible Guide It's an easy and accessible read with actions that can easily be implemented by all of us.

This guide was put together by Democratic congressional staffers who share some of the lessons they’ve learned watching the Tea Party in action. The Tea Party was essentially a constellation of small groups of conservative activists, who were able to harness grassroots efforts to stymie the Democratic majority and challenge the Obama agenda throughout both his terms. With this guide, we can build a progressive movement that can be as, if not more effective, in stopping the Trump administration and a Republican Congress from passing the most dangerous and hateful laws on the agenda.