2 Hours A Week


Recess is Here: Time to Play!

Congressional recess is here! Do you know where your representative is?

Find 'em, hug 'em, squeeze 'em, and claim them for your very own!

April 10-21 is what's known as "State Work Period" which means your Representatives and Senators are supposed to be in their home states. This is an important period for speaking your mind: town halls have been known to change the course of major legislation.

What you can do

1. Use this toolkit to tell 'em what you think online or by phone All you need to know about what questions to ask in person at a town hall (see Action 2) or what to say on Facebook, including click-to-tweet graphics, is here.

2. Find your Representative at a Town Hall Use this guide by zip code to locate their next appearance. Show up (sometimes RSVP is required) and use the guidelines in the above-mentioned toolkit to ask questions.