2 Hours A Week


Some Issues Are Just Not Partisan

For the next two weeks, we are going to be closely following the action on two fronts: the Republican Healthcare Bill, (known as AHCA/Trumpcare) and the state of the Russia investigation. There are some things that should never be partisan issues - healthcare is one of them. And so is the sovereignty of our country's elections.
To prepare for the coming weeks, read up and get well-acquainted with the terms and processes, starting today with the AHCA.

What you can do


LEARN what the new version of the bill is.
READ this handy guide on the step-by-step process the Republicans are using to "repeal and replace."
FIND out how every House member voted on the bill.
CALL your Senator's office and find out their position. This chart is a good place to start.
SCHEDULE a visit to your Senators' office. A state work period/ recess is coming up May 29th - June 2nd.