2 Hours A Week


Start Action On The Spectra Pipeline (AIM)

This one is mainly for our New York family, though if you have a pipeline near you or one planned for construction in your area, follow along for resistance tactics. Now that Scott Pruitt is head of the EPA, we won't be able to count on federal regulation to protect us on issues related to the environment, so we'll have to focus on action at the state level.

Read up on the Spectra Pipeline [aka Algonquin Incremental Market project--AIM] through our daily action on it last week: it is currently in its second phase of construction in New York state and the time to act is now, before Governor Cuomo makes the decision in the next few months whether or not to grant water quality permits to this federally regulated project.

What you can do

1.TAKE THE RESIST AIM PLEDGE which will also sign you up for the direct action group ResistSpectra.

2. RSVP FOR THE NEXT ResistSpectra TRAINING happening Monday, February 27 from 6:30-9pm in lower Manhattan. Email mikebucci451@gmail.com to let the group know they can expect you and for directions.