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Support the Injustice Boycott

Join The Injustice Boycott organized by Shaun King. This is an organized, long-term, nationwide economic resistance to combat police brutality, racial violence and systemic injustice in the US.

What you can do

For now, all they're asking of us is to stand on the side of justice, loud & clear, and prepare:

1. JOIN the boycott here.

2. READ Shaun King's plan for an organized stand against racial injustice and police brutality.

3. INVITE those around you to join, and share widely on social media.

Phase one of the boycott began yesterday on the anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and will last until Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The first three cities put on watch will be the progressive cities of New York & San Francisco, and Standing Rock. These cities have 43 days to meet the reasonable and humane demands of local activists. While protests have brought increasing awareness to racial injustice, they have not brought about active change by our government and policymakers. From the organizers:

"One of the primary goals of the Injustice Boycott will be to unashamedly hold “progressive” cities, their elected officials, and the businesses in those cities responsible for the reputations they so enjoy."

If demands are not met in 45 days, The Injustice Boycott will call for:
• a tourism boycott of those cities
• pulling money out of banks and financial institutions that either support racial injustice and police brutality in those cities or have not come out against them
• a national boycott of large corporations headquartered in those cities
• protests in the city designed to shut down businesses and government

Join in & let them know they're on watch!