2 Hours A Week


Take This On As Your Own Project

1. Add our new email to your address book. Starting Monday we are switching to MailChimp. In order to keep receiving our emails, please add actions@2hoursaweek.org to your contacts. (Instructions on how).

2. Help us circulate our petition to help increase voter turnout. Decision makers we know at Facebook are willing to listen, IF we can demonstrate grassroots and nationwide support!

What you can do

PLEASE SIGN our petition, we had to move it to a new platform for better distribution.

High voter turnout is a win for the democratic process; all voices are heard. Young voters use social media disproportionately AND also vote for Democrats disproportionately. And it happens that they have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. Why not give them a boost through social media reminders?

If we can get 100k signatures by Monday, it's possible to get this policy implemented in time for the Louisiana Senate election on 12/10. Regardless of when, this would be a huge step in reversing Facebook's steady erosion of democracy.

Please take this on as your own project, promote it on all platforms. Get 10 friends to tell 10 friends. Tell anyone you know who has a large following in the public sphere. Let's make this happen!