2 Hours A Week


Tantrum Tactics: Just Say No

In yet another twist of trying to strong arm things to his liking, DJT is using the United States as a guinea pig for political hostage tactics. At midnight on Friday, April 28, current funding for a variety of federal programs expires, and the Federal Government will shut down unless Congress passes and POTUS signs an appropriations bill. What's that mean exactly?

National Parks and museums will close.
Some government workers will go on furlough though critical services like air traffic control, the US Military and the United States Postal Service will continue to operate.
Other basic services like passport and federal loan offices will be closed.
What's DJT trying to get from all this? He's taking another stab at defunding healthcare, even though the people have already spoken on that one. A wall with Mexico that Americans would pay for (formally the demand has been dropped, but it's expected to make its way back in). He's seeking $54 million in added military spending while cutting funding to the arts, science funding, and the EPA. Make no mistake: all of the above are ways to try to build up his image in the wake of historically low approval ratings and two significant policy fails in his first 100 days.

Tell Democrats to say NO and call his bluff!

What you can do

1. CONTACT your U.S. Representatives and Senators by dialing: 1-844-6-RESIST and following the prompt. Tell them to reject Trumps demands for increased military spending. No ACA subsidy payments, no appropriations bill. No tax returns, no tax reform!

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)
My name is _and I'm with the group Two Hours a Week. I'm calling to ask that Representative/Senator ___ to say no to Trump's demand for $30 billion in military funding, and to publicly call Trump out on threatening to hold the the healthcare of millions hostage and use their very lives as leverage in budget negotiations. I would also ask that Representative/Senator to oppose any proposed tax reforms from Trump until he releases his tax returns - to tax returns, no tax reforms. Do not cave to his threats, do not compromise.