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The Paris Climate Accord and the Wrong Side of History

We're just over four months in, and you'll hear us saying this a lot: the United States is falling on the wrong side of history with this administration.

Nothing is as emblematic of this as Trump's announcement yesterday to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

What can you do about this? Knowledge is power, and messaging is power, especially on this issue. Help us blast the airwaves with your measured and informed opinions so we can all get on the same page.

Climate change is a tricky topic. While many of us know the absolutely crucial nature of international cooperation, climate change as a topic is beleaguered by misinformation and hampered by strong corporate interests.

While we gather our resources and listen to feedback from the other nations of the world who have committed to the upkeep of the climate accord, get right with the essentials of why climate change is both undeniable and something we need to address collectively. And then have a conversation about it with those around you.

Climate change is a moral issue, and a woman's issue.
The US is now one of three countries in the world not on board with the Paris Climate Accord. Along with Nicaragua and Syria.
Climate change threatens our food supply.

What you can do

1. USE THIS MEDIA TOOLKIT TO TWEET AND FB your thoughts. Noise is power on this.

2. CALL YOUR SENATOR and tell them you oppose Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. 866-4-RESIST (866-473-7478).

Here are some arguments to use.
Here is a list of points to address according to the concerns of the person you're speaking with.