2 Hours A Week


Use Our Website to Collaborate With Us

2hoursaweek.org is up and running! We’ve built the site to encourage collaboration. As we said from the beginning, we hope to inspire and encourage you to take action, and support your ideas and dreams. We do not aim to define what each action is from the top down, rather we are here to be your loudspeaker to the community. Please use it as a tool and a resource to become more involved if you feel inclined. We hope you do!
We’re so excited to share this and hear your feedback!
With love,

What you can do

Here’s your activity for today:

  1. BEGIN TO COLLABORATE WITH US! Have an idea for a daily action, an event to suggest, a story to share, or a group to connect us to? Tell us under Connect with Us!

  2. CATCH UP ON ACTIONS that are still relevant; we’ve banked all of them to date on the site. Don’t forget to send actions to friends, that’s a huge help.

  3. UPDATE YOUR PREFERENCES if you’d like to receive invitations to attend local meetings or information about joining the organizing committee. (Link in the footer of your daily action email, or do it below by filling out the sign up form again, it will take you to the link to update your preferences)