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We Need Your Zip Code !

We're lucky and grateful to have grown far beyond the New York area: we're in all 50 states and 33 countries!

Going forward we're going to devote Tuesdays (as much as possible) to regionally targeted actions, meaning you may not receive an email from us that day if you live outside that area.

To make these as effective as possible, we're working on how to divide emails by region so that you aren't opening emails specific to Los Angeles if you live in Alaska. In order to do this, we need your zip code (instructions below).

Thanks for bearing with us as we figure out a system that works for all of us. We'll send out a feedback survey soon too!

Sincerely yours,

What you can do

1. SCROLL to the footer of this email.
2. CLICK "update your preferences."
3. ENTER your zip code (where you hope to take action).