2 Hours A Week


We Will Not Go Away, Welcome To Your Everyday

This was one of our favorite chants from the women's march this weekend. It said loud and clear: this is a movement, not just a march! And we will not go away, the march continues every day in our daily activism. Scroll to the bottom of this email for important actions in preparation for the days to come.

Our movement is millions of people strong from all over the country and the world. And we can't overstate how inspiring it was to march together with all of you!

Marching together helped motivate millions of people to become engaged and galvanize support for the issues important to them. Let's carry out the mission of the women's march everyday!

What you can do
  1. STAY ACTIVE Check out the new initiative 10 Actions for the first 100 Days created by the organizers of the Women's March. And keep up with actions from us and others doing similar work!

  2. ENGAGE LOCALLY Find what you care about the most, research the organizations already working on them, and join up in their efforts! If you are NY local, this site is a great tool for channeling your skills and interests into helping the right organization.

  3. STAY MOTIVATED If you missed the speeches at the DC march, here's a videoof entire rally. This was the full lineup of speakers and here are a few transcripts we found compelling!
    Angela Davis's speech
    Janet Mock's speech