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What's Happening with the ACA

We're focusing on the Affordable Care Act this week.

Here are the basics: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which is run by a conservative government skeptic, is expected to release their rating of the American Healthcare Act--or Trumpcare--today. The entire House is expected to vote next week.

Whatever the CBO's rating turns out to be, the bottom line about Trumpcare is this: it is a giant transfer of wealth and health from the middle class to the wealthy.

We sat in on a call with MoveOn.org last night. They say the next three weeks are absolutely crucial. Here's what you can do:

What you can do

1. CALL your own representative every day this week, we'll send daily reminders.
(844-6-RESIST) 844-673-7478
Let them know what you think about the Republican proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act. MoveOn says that Democratic reps have not heard enough from their constituents. We need every single Democrat in the House and the Senate to vote against this bill.

2. SIGN UP for MoveOn.org emails. They've promised to send instructions for how to contact voters in states where the Republican representatives have indicated willingness to vote against the repeal of the ACA (Maine, Alaska, Colorado, Arkansas, and a few others). We'll keep you posted on that effort as soon as we hear more ourselves.