2 Hours A Week


Who are your friends in Red States?

Let's get a real-life buddy system going with our friends in Red states (including if you already live in one!). By pairing up and holding each other accountable for small actions like writing letters, we can ensure our progressive voice is heard by senators where the conservative voice is loudest. We're going to use this strategy again and again for various issues. First up: oppose the fast-track repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

What you can do

1. Find your friends on Facebook who live in Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Maine, Alaska, or Nevada In Facebook's search bar, type these exact words: "Friends who live in Tennessee." Repeat for the above-mentioned states, which either havesenators who have expressed doubts about passing a repeal of the ACA without a replacement, or who are up for re-election in swing states in 2018.

2. Ask those friends to write a postcard to their senator, or make a phone call telling their senator's office they oppose a repeal of the ACA If you haven't talked to the friend in a while, or you need an icebreaker, use our friendly script below!

3. Tell them you will be asking them for other things, too Not everyone has had a stellar experience with the ACA, so this may not be the issue they want to weigh in on. But we need those supporters in red states. Ask them if you can reach out to them for help, and tell them how powerful their voice is in putting pressure on our representatives in conservative regions.

4. If you have extra time, and are chomping at the bit to do more, get in touch with friends who live in any state with a Republican senator. We named the 6 above, here are the others: Wyoming, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Idaho, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Georgia, Wisconsin, Kansas, Ohio, Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Indiana.

Use this script (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

*Hi pal! (<--insert your pal's name here)

Since the election I have been actively fighting for the issues I care about, but I live in a blue state where I am represented by Democratic politicians who are in the minority in congress. So I am reaching out to my friends in states with Republican senators, especially those who have expressed doubt about repealing the Affordable Care Act. In this fight, your voice is louder than mine. That's why I am asking you to get in touch with your senator and let them know you oppose the repeal of the ACA. If you haven't had a great experience with the ACA yourself, consider that it shouldn't disappear without a replacement. And continue to write them about the issues you care about that are under attack by the new administration.
Here's what this new political action group, 2hoursaweek.org is suggesting: buy a pack of notecards and a book of stamps (you can buy both at most drugstores). Find your senator's address here and write them a short postcard. You can also call them if you feel comfy on the phone and tell them the same thing.

Thank you so much! If you want to do more, go to 2hoursaweek.org and sign up for their daily action emails! :) *