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You Can Help Flip the House Today! Local Tuesdays: CA, GA, KS, MT, NY, SC

Because cabinet appointments left some Republican seats open, Democrats have the chance to flip 5 House seats - CA, GA, KS, MT & SC. We're beginning to see that these races are closer than previously assumed, and with enough turnout and education Dems can begin to take back the House. Find out the chances in each of these States here and here.

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What you can do


As we saw in last Tuesday's LA special election, we're sadly still not showing up for elections in the numbers we should be. What can we do about it? Engage with our communities. Start with friends, family, neighbors. Register voters and get out and remind people to vote even in local elections.

REGISTER BLUE is a CA based group offering voter registration trainings, so that each of us can become mobile registration drives. Sign up for a training or host your own with their help.

And don't forget to get out and vote with all of your friends on June 6!


The Special Election is next week! (And early voting ends on Friday). Read our past actions to find out how you can canvass, phone bank, donate, or support our friends going to GA and help elect Jon Ossoff.


Read about this "Special Election Nobody Is Following [that] Could Deal A Huge Blow To Trump".

If you're in Montana, send us actions we can share next week!


With the hard work of citizen activists like you, we passed Raise the Age! Find out how your rep voted on that, and ask them about single payer health care in NY, the NY Reproductive Health Act, and increasing voting access. Your reps are home until April 20, visit them in the office or attend a town hall!

We are spearheading a collaboration between grassroots and established organizations to work together on NY Voting Rights & Access - if your group wants to be involved please email us, and if you as a group or a private citizen want to organize a representative visit or town hall to raise this issue, we'd be happy to provide talking points & press contacts.


This special election is skewing Republican so far, but as these elections approach they seem to be surprising everyone by looking like possible flips by the Democrats. So let's keep an eye on this one and see how we can help.

If you're in South Carolina, send us actions we can share next week!


As we work to block Trump's agenda in congress, his agenda is already being implemented in many states. Find out where your state stands on different issues at www.ourstates.org, and how you can take action - you might be surprised!