2 Hours A Week

EDUCATE & ACT is a series of events aimed at empowering all of us to be better informed citizens and activists, with stronger voices and greater stamina.

Co-hosted by Hunter Artist Action Group (HAAG) of Hunter MFA and 2 Hours a Week.

This program is made possible by the generosity of our peers and colleagues, who are donating their time, knowledge, and skills to help us together build a strong and aware community of support and resistance.

March 11,

Self Care Workshop


Feeling Stressed out?
Let's build a self-care plan with positive thinking, mindfulness and relaxation.

A self-care plan can help you enhance your health and wellbeing, manage your stress, and maintain calmness at hectic moments. Having a health care plan will help you achieve more balance, manage general challenges, honor emotional and spiritual needs, foster and maintain relationships, and achieve an equilibrium across all faces of life.

This is a time where we need get ourselves emotional healthy. This workshop will help you identify activities and practices that will support your wellbeing and help you to sustain positive self-care in the long-term.

With Cinthia Pimentel

Hunter College
205 Hudson Street
2nd Floor

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