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EDUCATE & ACT is a series of events aimed at empowering all of us to be better informed citizens and activists, with stronger voices and greater stamina.

Co-hosted by Hunter Artist Action Group (HAAG) of Hunter MFA and 2 Hours a Week.

This program is made possible by the generosity of our peers and colleagues, who are donating their time, knowledge, and skills to help us together build a strong and aware community of support and resistance.

March 14,

The Movable Middle 101 : Talking With Family and Friends Who Support Trump


Unfortunately we have to cancel this talk due to Stella the blizzard. We will update with a new date soon.

This will be a facilitated group discussion on how to create change, person-to-person, and specifically how to engage pro-Trump family and friends. Our facilitator, Paul, works in nonprofit communications.

Those of us living in progressive bubbles like NYC or SF may despair about our ability to make change. But many of us have pro-Administration friends and family whom we might be able to move a little bit (or at least neutralize). Or we have progressive friends and family in conservative states whom we might be able to move to action. Is this possible? What are the pitfalls?

Trying to persuade family members is tricky: it's great because they're the people we're most closely connected to, who can make a difference. But it can also complicate family relationships if they think that they are your "project" or that you are evangelizing. These are questions we'll discuss at this event.

Participants will be encouraged to compose a short personal mission statement (or statement of principles) to use when contacting family or friends they disagree with politically, and to write up a personal list of folks they might focus on in the coming year or two.

Hunter College
205 Hudson St
2nd floor room 203

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